Follow these steps to build your own D&D Gamma World character.

  1. Roll your character origins (page 34). A character origin is a package of traits and powers that all go together. A D&D Gamma World character is a combination of two origins. Refer to the Character Origin Table (page 34) and roll a d20 to generate your primary and secondary origins. If your second roll matches your first roll, then your second origin is Engineered Human (page 56).

  2. Assign ability scores (page 58). Your ability scores describe your innate capability in six different areas: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. Each of your origins indicates its primary ability. You get a score of 18 in the primary ability of your first origin, and a score of 16 in the primary ability of your second origin. If the primary abilities are identical for both origins, then you instead get a 20 for that ability score! For the rest of the unassigned ability scores, roll three six-sided dice (3d6) and record the result for each.

  3. Determine skills (page 60). Skills represent the training, lore, and talents your character has gained up to this point in life—for example, Acrobatics, Mechanics, and Stealth. Each of your origins provides one or more bonuses to specific skills, and you also gain a +4 bonus to one random skill you roll.

  4. Gear up (page 71). You choose your armor and the sort of weapon you’re carrying. You also start with an explorer’s kit and some miscellaneous gear.

  5. Fill in the numbers (page 31). Calculate your hit points, Armor Class and other defenses, as well as your initiative modifier and your attack, damage, and skill bonuses.

  6. Add roleplaying character details (page 64). Imagine details about your character’s personality, appearance, beliefs, and backstory. Sure, you might be a mutated bear, but are you a mutated black, brown, polar, or panda bear? Heck, you might be purple. Extreme radiation does weird stuff to bears.

  7. Draw Alpha Mutation and Omega Tech (page 66–69). Draw a card from your Alpha Mutation deck (or the Game Master’s deck) and a card from your Omega Tech deck (or the Game Master’s deck). As a native of Gamma Terra, you have access to powerful and unpredictable mutant abilities, and the dangerous junk of many different worlds surrounds you. You won’t keep these cards for long, because you’ll find new tech and develop different mutations during the course of your adventures.

The Gamma World Character Generator handles steps 1-6 and it does part of step 5.