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Prescient - Fungoid


STR: 10
CON: 16
INT: 11
DEX: 13
WIS: 18
CHA: 8

Hit Points: 43     Bloodied: 21
+2 to Psi overcharge.
Speed: 6     Initiative:5
AC: 15
Fortitude: 17     Reflex: 15     Will:21


umpire's padding
chain saw
explorer's kit
pickup truck
water purifier (water not included)


How trusting are you? Skeptical
What is your outlook at the start of each day? Self-assured
What kind of decision maker are you? Easygoing
How conscientious are you about following rules? Scofflaw
How empathetic are you? Hard-hearted
How courageous are you while under fire? Fearful


Acrobatics: 5
Athletics: 4
Conspiracy: 4
Insight: 8
Interaction: 11
Mechanics: 4
Nature: 8
Perception: 8
Science: 4
Stealth: 5


Thwarted Defense
At-will, physical, psi, weapon
Standard action
Melee weapon
One creature
d20+8 + weapon accuracy

Wisdom attack + level + weapon accuracy vs. AC


1[W] + wis mod + level physical damage, target cannot shift to end of your next turn

Toxic Spores
At-will, bio, poison
Standard action
Close burst 1
Each enemy in burst

Constitution attack + level vs. fortitude


1d6 + con mod + level poison damage, and target gives combat advantage to end of next turn