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Electrokinetic - Vampric


Natural Battery
STR: 13
CON: 13
INT: 9
DEX: 10
WIS: 18
CHA: 16

Hit Points: 25     Bloodied: 12
+2 to Dark overcharge.
Speed: 6     Initiative:1
AC: 18
Fortitude: 13     Reflex: 14     Will:16


pots and pans
board with nail
thrown knife
explorer's kit
climber's kit
pickup truck
night-vision goggles


How trusting are you? Gullible
What is your outlook at the start of each day? Enthusiastic
What kind of decision maker are you? Forceful
How conscientious are you about following rules? Scrupulous
How empathetic are you? Oblivious
How courageous are you while under fire? Reckless


Acrobatics: 1
Athletics: 2
Conspiracy: 1
Insight: 5
Interaction: 8
Mechanics: 5
Nature: 5
Perception: 5
Science: 1
Stealth: 1


Electric Boogaloo
At-will, dark, electricity
Standard action
Melee 1
1 creature

Wisdom attack + level vs. fortitude


1d10 + wis mod + 2 x level electricity damage, target gets -2 on all defenses until end of your next turn

Eyes of the Vampire
At-will, physical, weapon
Standard action
Area burst 1 within 10 feet

Charisma + level vs. will


1d8 + chr mod + level psychic. Target slowed and -1 on will to end of next turn. If you bloody or reduce opponent to 0 hp, regain temp hp 2 + half your level.