Wild Surge


Wild Magic Links
  • Wild Surges are usually found in campaigns where Wild Magic is allowed.
  • The Random Wild Surge Generator can choose a Wild Surge freeing a Game Master from such a tough decision.
  • The Random Wild Surges are derived from the following sources:
    • Wild Mage
    • Wild Spellcraft
    • Umana Calamity Table
    • and a few others
  • Many of the Wild Surges are quite dangerous and powerful and it is up to the Game Master to make the final decision on whether or not another Wild Surge would be more appropriate.
  • These Wild Surges are not categorized in any specific manner, and therefore the Wild Surge rules have been simplified for this utility.
  • Future versions will allow you to add your own Wild Surges.


  • We have over 1200 Wild Surges
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